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These women are sharing happiness to the world in the times of Pandemic

These women are sharing happiness to the world in the times of Pandemic

Payal Jain, 42, Language Tutor, Art Tutor, Artist

After living in the fast moving cities and countries like the Canada, and Mumbai, she got her peace of mind in Surat. Surat also provided her with a lot of free time but, getting bored was not her thing! Payal Jain, a self- motivated individual won’t settle for an evening without work. In her leisure time, she indulges in making artwork and decorative pieces. Payal,42, a homemaker keeps acquiring newer and newer skills. A teacher by profession but an artist by heart. Her love for children brought her into the teaching profession, and her love for art transformed her into an art teacher too. Moreover because of the current scenario she has even introduced her online classes with a twist. Payal jain also takes classes for school students. 

“Getting bored? It’s your state of mind!”

Ishika Goenka, 21, Artist, SoapMaker, English Tutor

From winning zonal and national level competition to tutoring people around the world, from soap making to philanthropy and calligraphy to blade painting this individual is a talent house with immense knowledge in the field of art.

Ishika Goenka who is just 21, wants to spread her skills to every individual possible. Art has a spiritual place in her life and hence she doesn’t want it to be merely a money making business. The proceedings she earns from her art workshops are directly transferred to the PM relief fund. YES, you heard it right! Based on her philosophy that “Art should be accessible to anybody and everybody” she even conducts free workshops and has launched her special workshop for those homemakers who have forgotten to live for themselves!

Mandala Art, blade painting, calligraphy, soap making she teaches it all!

Quote- “Art should be accessible to anybody and everybody”

Pooja Abbani and Riya Chopra, 18 year olds, Customized Gifts Designers

This duo have a lot in common from their love for cooking to fashion designing, from art and craft to the TV shows they watch. They are friends for as long as they can remember. Eventually this friendship evolved into their collective venture ‘STYLEVINE’ and now they are spreading positivity and festivity around through their handmade and customized products.They can wink creative and elegant artwork on your T-Shirts, Masks, Caps and can even get you an embroidery portrait of yourself.

Pooja Abbani and Riya Chopra are fashion enthusiasts and they aim to create an aesthetic world around them through their artwork. It is an honour to introduce them as the youngest members of this community. 

Quote-“ Clothes aren’t going to change the world. The women who wear it will”

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